Why You’ve Been Hearing Nothing But Crickets From Me

cropped-screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-8-16-39-pmHey readers!

I just wanted to give you lovely people a quick update about why I seem to have completely vanished from my blog (I’m sad whenever I remember I haven’t written a blog post since February). I spent a month after writing my Frozen post editing my third novel until it was in fine enough condition to have people actually read it, so my priorities during that period were that and schoolwork. During April, the finals crunch really set in. Now I’m taking a month-long class dedicated to reading Ulysses (by James Joyce) and practically nothing else.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the book, Ulysses is an extremely experimental, dense, and complicated novel and takes a lot of energy to simply read, let alone respond to and discuss. For instance, last week my friends and I spent nine or ten hours reading a chapter that was eleven pages. Eleven pages. But I love the thing. I’m only halfway through, but I get the feeling it’ll be up there with War and Peace for me (which is a huge honor).

I’ve still managed to be fairly active on Twitter, so during the next month, you can find me there (usually rambling about Ulysses). Once the summer starts, I should be back to updating this blog, which I’m excited about. Just because I haven’t been updating doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting ideas!

See you in June!


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