You probably stumbled across this site in one of two ways:

1) You were watching Cheaper by the Dozen (1 or 2), The Pacifier, or Hannah Montana and thought to yourself, “I wonder whatever happened to the girl who played Kim/Lulu/Sarah?” Then you looked up my name, Googled “Morgan York,” and here you are.

2) You’re a writer/publishing-affiliated person/Twitch user who followed a link to this site. And you just read #1 in this list and are thinking, “Wait, Hannah Montana? What??”

unnamedAnyway, hi. I’m Morgan York, a 28-year-old New Yorker who works in publishing by day and is a novelist by night. Currently, my focus as a writer is fantasy (mostly YA), but I’ve also dabbled in contemporary/realistic fiction, both in YA and adult. I also stream on Twitch as a hobby. I enjoy reading, video games, traveling, and drinking all kinds of tea.

On this blog, you’ll find me discussing writing, books, feminism, gaming, LGBTQ issues, diverse fiction, my acting years, and anything else that strikes my fancy. My life has gotten super busy, so I haven’t written a post in a while, but for now, please enjoy what’s here!

Thank you so much for visiting, and head over to the FAQ if you have any questions!

*Header image by Debbie Balboa

**Drawing by Charlavail

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Morgan, My name is Emma and I’m an Italian girl (i’m 15 years old now).
    When I was younger, I loved watching “The Pacifier” whit my sister, my little brother and two our friends.
    Then, we always played to be the film’s characters. I was Lulu, because of my age. You have been the first actress I loved so much. I remember I wanted to be like you!
    She was so beautiful and I wanted to wear like her, speak like her and to be like her. Lulu is always been my idol, and growing, she has become a little part of me.
    Yesterday I thought about you because of some reasons and searching for some news about you, I found this website and I’ve discovered that you have stopped acting. It made me little bit sad, but if you are happy, so am I. Hope you can realize your dreams and your aspirations.
    I really hope you will write me back…
    Lots of love,


    1. Hi Emma, Thanks for sharing your story with me! I’m so happy to hear my character was a source of fun for you and your siblings back in the day. And thank you very much for respecting my decision to stop acting. A lot of people criticize me for it so I really appreciate it! ❤


  2. Hello Morgan I am Madelaine a 22 year old Australian Artist. Morgan when I was first introduced to your work I was keen to learn more. Morgan from your earlier work up until the present there has been a beautiful standard of work and I appreciate that.

    Morgan I am currently booked in for an exhibition with that’s Nathan james photography Denver, Aaron Favaloro, Amanda Valdes, jared Thomas La photography, coach luxury creative designer Ben/ Steve vevers Morgan I love your work and I would love for you to be apart of my upcoming exhibition regards Madelaine xx


  3. Hello Morgan! I Just follow you on Twitter. I was reading more about you, and is amazing all what you did. I am from Argentina, Just saying If I am not perfect writing in English. Maybe you answered to this question, and I should ask you in “FAQ”. Why did you decided to start writing? I thing is interesting to know 🙂 waiting Your answer! Have a nice day.

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    1. Hi Lucas! It wasn’t really a decision; I’ve just always been writing/coming up with stories for as long as I can remember. One moment that stands out to me is when I was nine, a teacher praised my writing saying it was some of the best writing from a kid my age she’d seen, and that she wouldn’t be surprised if I published a book someday. I think that was what spurred me to actually focus on writing in an intentional way (I started my first book when I was 10 and only got a chapter in–didn’t manage to finish a full novel until I was 16). So it’s just always been a part of me!


  4. hi! my name is emily brewster. i just wanted to say this lil message to say thank you so so SO much for your blog. I am an aspiring novelist and this blog is simply a diamond mine of advice. seriously. thank you so much for sharing pieces of advice with us fellow writers to help us get a leg up in this industry. i hope to read your fantasy writing (my favorite genre!!) someday and perhaps even meet you ☺️

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  5. Neither 1 nor 2. I was looking at primal astrology and the list of famous woodpeckers, to see if in fact I had the same personality traits with those on the list. Your name is first on the list (reverse chronological order) and google pointed me here.


  6. Hi Morgan

    My name is Joseph and Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2 are two of my favorite movies. I was actually watching the first movie the other day. Beforehand, I had not watched it for the last 16 years. I used to just watch it for the funny parts. Now that I’m older, I was able to understand what the movie is about and I realized there’s a whole lot more to it than comedy. It made me develop a completely new sense and appreciation of life and family. It makes me wish I had a bigger family. I only have one sibling. Having more than at least 3 siblings is actually lucky if you think about it. The more siblings you have, there’s more people to take care of you and for you to take care of. You should always love and respect your family regardless of the circumstances because they’re only around for a limited amount of time. Once they move out of the house, life will never be the same again. Take advantage of the time you have together with your whole family and embrace it. I think the scene where Mark runs away really emphasizes this. This is now a very heart-warming film to watch.

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    1. Hi Joseph, I’m so glad you took that away from the movie. I have two siblings in real life and moved across the country from them two years ago, so I definitely feel all this very deeply. I’m super close to both of my siblings and so treasure any time I get to spend with them. Thanks for visiting/commenting, and I hope the films continue to bring you comfort and joy!


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